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Moderation of these forums


Kia ora,
I am keen to resolve how issues that come up in these forums are moderated and indeed who has the power to do this. I’m concerned that this is transparent and that in being as it says on the lid inclusive that all feel this is a safe space. So here are some questions for discussion?
Are these forums part of the governance of PICI, as the website is?
If there is behaviour on this site which might be construed as offensive (similar to a complaint about broadcasting standards) can a complaint be made and to whom?
How might that complaint be dealt with?
I am concerned about such decisions being made or being perceived to be made by one person rather than a group of community representatives.
One option to consider is that complaints are dealt with by the contracted editor of (a position yet to be established) and that they are forwarded to a subcommittee of PICI.
That is, if these forums are indeed governed in some way by PICI, a charitable trust with clear community aims.
Keen to hear some thoughts!


A nice example of this particular Forum system (Discourse) in action is (the Forest Hill and Honor Oak suburb of London).

“The more you use the [forums], and the more positively your content is received, the more trust you are given by the [system]. This all happens automatically. As your trust level increases, additional features of the site are unlocked, including moderation features”.

Obviously there needs to be some administrative oversight - which perhaps PICI could provide governance for, but I’d suggest that the forums themselves can and should be moderated by the participants. If a bunch of poms can do it, I’m sure we can :slight_smile:


Agree Dan (and think this is a great example) -I note that se23 have got really well articulated moderation policies in the FAQ (which add to the awesome ones in the standard FAQ) as to process - they’re simple and moderation remains within the group. Could we simply adopt these? I’d love to see this run with this openness and clarity of behaving well in the commons, but as that forum suggests it does need stated moderators (plural) whose decisions are respected. Exciting.